once again - snow when i want spring!  my mother with da dog  some graveyard in metzingen  opening  now what is that?? do you know??  if you think you know klick here   -> right :-) the 1st concret tv tower in da world - very good your are! take a look in QuickTime VR      Susan was in stuttgart errr Melissa Julia & Sebastian's wedding volare Judith got her university degree libero stuttgart at Cristinas & Marius 24/7 - today the wok incident - ah beer the chef i think he can not cook at all!! i think he can - das brauchscht! let's see stuttgart my favourite neighbour schlessinger the next morning on my way home the new exhibition halls in stuttgart at last they have enough cheese :-) 1:11 am 2:17 am 5:19 am 5:20 am - dawn and we still have a reserve bottle 5:41 am 5:53 am 5:54 am - soon there will be fresh beer... 6:30 am sunrise part 2    


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