part no. 1:
last year it was vietnam again - from hanoi up north and down to saigon. 10 years after the first visit a lot has changed - is it better now?? hmmm I don't know, but I like the old times better.

well have a look at the pictures

part no. 2:
cambodia - the first thing that comes into my mind is the movie - the second angkor - that was where I planned to spend the last night of 1999. the country itself is still way off the beaten track and worth a visit if u are around.

here too - have a look at the pictures

Part No. 3:
if U travel on land from vietnam to malaysia you have to cross thailand. it is always nice to be back - still - after all that years... short visit - one page - have a look
part no. 4:
malaysia - been there, seen it, done it! but kecil made me come down all the way...

take the freedom - have a look at the pictures

Part No. 5:
last stage of that trip - hong kong - never been there - worth a visit if it is on your way - have a look
to the dog house