this way please --->   very early in the mo'ning     yes it does look nice  for a day or two...  sybilles & herbs offspring  walking in stuttgart   at steffys   reggy & schröder  norton & schwarz  at fannys 24/7  back home  downtown  the boys are in town  the two dudes from chicago    downtown     at the vietnamese place - visitors from bkk     at sybs & herbs  downtown eßlingen for fasching  this is an very old tradition over here to scare winter away            a lot of houses are more than 700 years old!!  now he is smiling!       schwarz & harry happy bday marc    later en route to manchester   construction in frankfurt   at last i saw a sunset 2day :-)  at our friendly Inn   morning in manchester  now hanno - that is what i call a studio!   up in wales  bye bye manchester  part 2     

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