this way please --->                                         this is where Kathrin & jochen have their place   a little german beer brewery          back home again    my office    happy b-day alex!    who is she??  ther is a free lunch after all!!  at cristinas & marius 24/7    en route to dutchland  along the rhein river    this is the lorelei - now what thaa fuck ...  ... is so interesting here??  not even from the other side - hmmm    change the train in köln  utrecht here i am          than we went to belgium for a chinese-vietnamese wedding  you do remember archie - do you??                     this big thing they build to put all the names of the allied forces that died fighting the germans in that small town             than we went to that hill  they put 15.000 soldiers down under here  fighting for a stupid hill...  a nice place to put that - idiots!!!     enough for today -> part 6     

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