POZOR dude! allways time for a friendly chat en route to Kezmarok 5.15 am - a daytrip to poland - nice view at the bus station in kezmarok no this one might look a bit odd but these people believe that putting a stroller on the roof brings a lot of children... polish breakfast - a fat sausage - thank you! i have some coffee! someone has a quite sophisticated taste! back in slovakia finally a trip to the High Tatra - starting with a coffee and waiting for the train... here they have a sybolic graveyard for all the climbers, hikers and skiers that died over here... trust me i do fly a lot and i thought i did see it all... but this was something new! fuck that at last a interesting view while waiting... hmm - will that ever fit? i fly back to stuttgart and you take a look at the next page -> part 3    


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