the biggest thing in summer 2006 was the soccer world championship everybody and his mother had to suffer - this little dude was collecting bottles for deposit look who is here - all the way from oz! maike + silke fuck i spilled my expensive brew... tasty german police girls upps the night shift (did see them only when croatia and england played in stuttgart) hard core fans - very very sad - they lost germany plays - deserted streets crowded public viewing areas crowded streets thirsty horses happy birthday fanny (ooops no picture of her here???!!!!) stuttgart detour on my way home party at Jürgen's in Mellrichstadt one to many! another one from dusk till dawn - these guys did not make it than - i was away to get another beer for a split - they started a kind of mating dance!!! the second female joinded and the guy in black gave way to the other guy click this next one (mpg.4) very interesting indeed! not to mention that it is 5.30 am... after breakfast i drove back to stuttgart and you klick yourself to part 4    


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