Winter 2004/05 - Thailand II

back in bangkok, back at the chairs - sweet :-)

on the way back home there is this nice place - but big chang is 5 bath more!!

dont mess with an amg benz

while in myanmar the tsunami said hello for a few seconds and was only tv news later.
in thailand it was all over, in the newspapers, in the streets and i met so many
people that where injured in the waves

as of today there are over 4636 missing persons still registered in thailand. most of
them thais (1609) than germans (596) and swedish (422). i guess you can add at last
1000 illegal workers from myanmar - of course nobody registers them...

no that is not myanmar again - this is for brave thai fire fighters

emailing with the swedish princess i found out that she is still in Chiang Mai. took
the nightbus and woke her up at 7 in her room. than we went for breakfast with Teuvo
from finland. while talking about the north he decided to rent a car and come with us
towards pai.

this way please ----->

nice view from the firestation

this way please ----->

nice view towards myanmar